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Char Dham

Are you ready to maximize your yatra experience with our exclusive "Dodham Yatra by Helicopter (Same Day), 2024"  package?

Imagine visiting not just one, but two dhams in a single day, all while saving time and energy.

This helicopter package is designed to elevate your "Do Dham Yatra" experience by offering seamless transportation between two destinations. 

Dehradun – Kedarnath – Badrinath – Dedhradun

Do Dham Yatra By MI-17 (Double-Engine)

Capacity- 20 Pax

Places covered - | Kedarnath |Badrinath

Kedarnath Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, stands amidst majestic snow-capped mountains and is accessible only by trek or helicopter, emphasizing the devotion of pilgrims who brave the challenging terrain. It's a testament to spiritual perseverance, with the temple enduring the ravages of time, weather, and even natural disasters.

Badrinath Temple, devoted to Lord Vishnu, is situated between the Nar and Narayana mountain ranges. With the Alaknanda River flowing nearby, its picturesque setting and vibrant spirituality attract pilgrims and tourists alike. The temple's intricate architecture and the hot springs, known for their therapeutic properties, further enhance the pilgrimage experience.

Why chose Helicopter Services?

Time Efficiency: Say goodbye to long drives and traffic jams. Our helicopters ensure you reach each temple swiftly, maximizing your time for prayer and exploration.

Comfort and Convenience: Travel in style with our state-of-the-art helicopters equipped for your comfort. Enjoy spacious seating, panoramic windows, and a smooth, enjoyable ride.

Exclusive Access: Experience VIP treatment with access to temples that may otherwise be difficult to reach. Our expertly planned itinerary ensures you make the most of your pilgrimage.

Personalized Service: From the moment you book, our dedicated team is committed to ensuring your journey is seamless. We handle all logistics, leaving you free to focus on your spiritual experience.

Aerial Views: Marvel at the stunning landscapes below as you glide through the skies, capturing bird's-eye views of the countryside and landmarks along the way.

Ideal For:

  • Busy Professionals: Seeking a quick yet enriching cultural experience.
  • Travelers with Limited Time: Who want to maximize their visit to India.
  • Global Citizens: Looking to reconnect with their spiritual roots amidst hectic schedules.

The term "Char Dham" translates to "four abodes" and refers to the four pilgrimage sites: Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath. These sites are believed to be highly sacred in Hinduism and are associated with various deities and mythological legends. Undertaking the Char Dham Yatra is considered spiritually rewarding and is believed to cleanse one's sins and bestow blessings.

We specialize in helicopter charters and other services of Char-Dham and offer you a unique travelling experience, a chance to pay homage to your lords and enjoy some refreshing moments in the lap of nature. 

Get ready for OTA Expert best-selling package of Char Dham Yatra by Helicopter for 5N/6D this year!

This divine yatra starting and ending point is Dehradun, covering the all sacred Char Dham - Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath.

Undertaking the Do Dham Yatra is considered a path to attaining salvation and blessings, offering a profound journey of self-discovery, devotion, and spiritual enlightenment against the backdrop of the Himalayan grandeur.

This helicopter package is designed to elevate your "Do Dham Yatra" experience by offering seamless transportation between two destinations. 

Discover the convenience and memorable experience of traveling by helicopter!

We look forward to helping you plan your unforgettable journey with us.


The Badrinath Temple also known as the Badrinarayan Temple, located in Uttarakhand's Badrinath town, is one of the Char Dhams (four important pilgrimages) in the state. There are four pilgrim-destinations namely Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath, collectively known as Char Dham. These pilgrimage centres draw large number of pilgrims each year, thus becoming the most important hubs of religious travel in the whole of Northern India. 

One of the most revered temple destinations of India, Kedarnath town is nestled in the mighty Garhwal Himalayas. The town, built around the revered Kedarnath temple, is located at an altitude of 3,580 m, near Chorabari glacier, which is the source of the Mandakini river.

Our 7 Nights and 8 Days Kedarnath Badrinath Do Dham Yatra Tour Package 2024 itinerary offers a memorable spiritual tour to some of the most serene temples.