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Mata Murty Temple - Badrinath

Mata Murti Temple is dedicated to Mata Murti, who is believed to be the mother of Lord Badrinarayan (a form of Lord Vishnu). The temple holds religious and mythological significance and is an integral part of the sacred pilgrimage town of Badrinath. Here is an introduction to the Mata Murti Temple in Badrinath:

  • Mythological Significance: Mata Murti, often referred to as Mata Murty, is considered the mother of Lord Badrinarayan (Lord Vishnu). According to Hindu mythology, she is believed to have performed rigorous penance to bring Lord Badrinarayan to Badrinath. The temple commemorates her devotion and the divine connection between mother and son.
  • Location: The Mata Murti Temple is located in the town of Badrinath, near the Badrinath Temple complex. It is easily accessible for pilgrims and visitors.
  • Religious Practices: Devotees visit the Mata Murti Temple to pay their respects to Mata Murti and seek her blessings. Special prayers and rituals are performed at the temple. It is customary for pilgrims to visit both the Badrinath Temple and the Mata Murti Temple as part of their spiritual journey.
  • Annual Mata Murti Ka Mela: The temple is associated with an annual fair known as "Mata Murti Ka Mela," which is held during the month of September. Pilgrims and tourists from neighboring regions gather to participate in the fair, which includes cultural programs, folk dances, and various festivities.
  • Family Deity: Mata Murti is considered the family deity of the Garhwal region, and the temple plays a significant role in the religious and cultural life of the local population.
  • Natural Beauty: The temple is surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayan landscape, with views of the snow-capped peaks and the Alaknanda River, adding to the spiritual and scenic charm of the site.