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Summit Jungle Resort, Lansdowne

Summit Jungle Resort, Lansdowne

Lansdowne, an abode of fir and pine, soaring gloriously at an altitude of 1780 metres, almost appears like a beautiful mosaic fresh off the painting of the Lord of Mountains. Our beautiful property-Summit Jungle Lodge-is located on the slopes of invigorating hills and valleys covered by an endless length of forest, a great escape from the crowd.

The Summit Jungle Lodge, the first branded resort to make inroads into the mystical environment of Lansdowne, is a cornerstone of nature exhibition, with world renowned Jim Corbett National Park- Pakhro gate about 45 metres away and Sonanade gate roughly 90 metres away.

Known for its exceptional services, high-end amenities, and unrivalled hospitality. The Summit Jungle Lodge is outfitted with a multi-cuisine restaurant, an effervescent banquet hall, a sprawling lawn, a kids' play area, and an outdoor swimming pool, emphasising the indulgence guests can expect.

Stay at our Lansdowne resort for a luxurious living experience in the midst of nature!