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Best Time to Visit

October to March

Agra, located in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, India, is a city renowned for its historical and architectural significance, most notably for being the home of the iconic Taj Mahal. Agra has a rich history that spans several centuries, and it offers a glimpse into India's Mughal past.

  • Historical Significance: Agra's history dates back to ancient times, but it gained prominence during the Mughal era when it became the capital of the Mughal Empire during the 16th and 17th centuries. The city was established as a capital by Akbar the Great, one of the most illustrious Mughal emperors.
  • The Taj Mahal: Agra's most famous landmark is the Taj Mahal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal, and is considered an architectural masterpiece. The Taj Mahal is known for its stunning white marble construction and intricate, ornate designs.
  • Agra Fort: Agra is home to the Agra Fort, another UNESCO World Heritage Site. This massive fort, also known as the Red Fort of Agra, served as the main residence of the Mughal emperors. It is a grand complex with numerous palaces, mosques, and gardens.
  • Fatehpur Sikri: Just a short distance from Agra lies Fatehpur Sikri, another UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was founded by Emperor Akbar and served as the Mughal capital for a brief period. The city is known for its stunning architecture and the Buland Darwaza, a grand gateway.
  • Mughal Heritage: Agra is steeped in Mughal heritage, and this heritage is visible in various parts of the city. The Mughals were great patrons of art, culture, and architecture, and their influence can be seen in Agra's gardens, monuments, and lifestyle.
  • Culture and Craftsmanship: Agra is renowned for its handicrafts, particularly its marble inlay work, which is a traditional art form. Skilled artisans create intricate designs in white marble, and this craftsmanship is showcased in various items like tabletops, jewelry boxes, and decorative pieces.
  • Cuisine: Agra is known for its delectable Mughlai cuisine, which includes dishes like biryani, kebabs, and rich gravies. Petha, a sweet made from ash gourd, is a famous local delicacy.
  • Tourism: Agra is a significant tourist destination and draws millions of visitors from around the world who come to see the Taj Mahal and other historical attractions. Tourism plays a vital role in the city's economy.
  • Educational Institutions: Agra is home to various educational institutions, including the Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University and various other colleges and schools.
  • Connectivity: Agra is well-connected by road, rail, and air. The city is accessible from major cities in India and has a railway station and an airport.